Video: Plateau youth, Nandom Lwahas invents rechargeable, automated hand washing machine

Nandon Lwahas giving practical knowledge and explanation on how the machine is used

In keeping faith with his dream and efforts in boosting technology in contemporary times, a frontline technologist and Plateau youth Mr. Nandom Lwahas has thought outside the box and invented a fully rechargable and automated hand washing machine that could be used in offices, homes and public places to fight Covid-19 and maintain good public health. According to a post and video posted on his Facebook wall, Mr. Nandom wrote, “In line with my promise of one innovative video for you every month till schools reopen, I made this short video to show you what I built. This is a fully chargeable and fully automated hand washing machine. It can be used in homes, offices, schools and even market places. Let me know your thoughts about it. There will be another tech idea for you by next month; I will be using technology to solve some societal problems as they unfold.


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