By: Ahmed Husain, Jos

The National Coordinator of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)Nigeria, Anti-Corruption Crusader, and a Human Rights Activist, Comrade TN Timkat has commended the developmental strides of Dr. Amos Bulus Cirfat, Provost, Federal College of Education Pankshin. TN has been anti-corruption Crusader for over 10 years agitating for good governance in Nigeria and across African continent has commended Dr. Cirfat leadership in the College that brought so many structural transformation in the institution.

Reacting to the publication made by one Kazi Ya Nanyah on the 8th July, 2020, TN expressed his total c condemnation of the script and called it an act of atrocities and lies fabrication against the personality of the Provost. The Human Right Activist refers to the publication as act of shame that failed to take correct bearing in the course of anti corruption fight. Our findings revealed that Kazi Ya Nanyak was paid by a figure who desperately want to occupy the Provost seat by all means. How could a reasonable human being would wake up to blackmailed a leader who is meeting up the desired expectations of his people, despite the numerous development taking place in the College?”. Nanyah Kazi and his co-travelers should rather join hands and publish the achievement recorded so far by Dr Amos Cirfat and allowed the masses to judge”. He lamented.

Comrade TN, however encouraged the Provost to continue his good work and shouldn’t be distracted by media wailers. ” I wonder how some people are reasoning, how could someone like Nanyak Kazi accepted bribes to blackmailed a personality that is working tirelessly raising new structures in the college? ” With the development going on in the college, at least the man deserved commendation not condemnation”. He said.

TN who paid an unscheduled visit to the Provost on Tuesday, toured in the College environment to see the efforts made by Dr. Cirfat leadership. He was amazed with the developmental strides of the Provost, calling on the respected authorities to give Dr. Cirfat opportunity to serve for second tenure whenever his first tenure elapsed.

“Since assumption of office as Substantive Provost Federal College of Education Pankshin, Dr Amos Bulus Cirfat has brought transformational and structural changes into the College. “My visit on Tuesday in the College has convinced me and any lover of Education that Dr. Cirfat deserved second tenure based on the numerous projects both completed and ongoing in the School environment has brought in.”He said.

In an interview with a group of Students Unions Leadership of the College who are observing lockdown also gave testimonies about the performance of Dr Amos Cirfat leadership in the College. “Before the appointment of Dr. Amos Cirfat, the College was left with backlog salaries of Staff resulted of occuring of strikes actions in the college. However, upon his assumption of office as Provost, Dr. Amos Cirfat ensured he cleared all backlog salaries, settled all dispute lingering between Academic Union and the Management and Students.” He ensured all graduates of the College who passed the prescribed Examinations participates in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Apart from dealing with internal issues of the College, Dr Amos Bulus Cirfat ensured he brought development into the College. The Provost ensured accreditation of Courses in the College giving graduands confirmed certificates that would be accepted worldwide. Dr Cirfat took over in 2017, just three and a half years, his worthy indelible footprint are everywhere in the FCE Community.,, he explained.

A non academic Staff of the College who were interviewed by our crew applauded Dr Cirfat leadership in the college. “the leadership of Dr Cirfat has brought so many changes in the college. The School Environment have transformed tremendously. FCE has now turnaround into active Construction site with many State of Remodeling Structures of Ultra Modern Library and School of Science Laboratory amongst other numerous development”. Through Tetfunds, Dr Cirfat completed constructions of School of Adult Education, Department of Business Education, School of Early Child Care Education and Entrepreneurship Development Center. He said.

Giving a brand new Gate for the College have crowded has transformed the College to meeting up 21st Century Standard of Learning Environment. The man has handle security apparatus which has made the College Environment more secured for learning.

“Within the three years, Dr Cirfat have successfully brought mutual and unprecedented synergy between Academic Staff Union and Students Unions”. Our investigation revealed that through out the three years of Dr Cirfat, there has never been an interval strikes of any sort by neither Staff Union nor Students Unions.

Dr. Amos Cirfat, a Professor in the making with distinct leadership character,

focus and determination to growth and development of Education, has paved his ways and secured Constructions of many projects including Ultra Modern Library to the College. He built and commissions the following Projects in the College amongst many others includes:

  1. 500 Capacity Modern Lecture Theatre for School of Adult Education
  2. Ultra Modern School of Adult, Non- Formal & Special Education
  3. 500 Modern Classrooms for Academic Lectures
  4. Construction of Additional Halls of Laboratory for Science
  5. Built and Commissioned Ultra Modern Science Multipurpose Laboratory
  6. Construction of 120 Capacity Twin Theatre Computer Laboratory
  7. Construction of Modern Offices & Lecture Halls For School of Science Education
  8. Built & Commissioned School of Education Phase II
  9. Remodeling of School of Education Pankshin
  10. Reconstruction and Renovation & Extension of College Library Phase II
  11. Renovation & Maintenance of ICT Center for Online Learning
  12. Construction of Entrepreneurial Development Center
  13. Construction of Department of Business Education
  14. Construction of Additional Lecture Halls for the Department of Early Child Care & Primary Education
  15. Construction of Ultra Modern Library for the College.

EFF National Coordinator congratulates Dr. Amos Cirfat for his pragmatic leadership that brought so many development in the College and recommended him for second tenure as Provost FCE Pankshin.

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