Dr. Mazadu Bako Felicitates with Muslim ummah on the occasion of Eid-el-fitr Celebration

Dr. Bako in a Press release said as we celebrate this auspicious occasion, it is important that the lessons and message it teaches and conveys are not lost on us. He therefore urge us all, to imbibe the spirit of love, obedience to God and sacrifice bequeathed to the world by Prophet Abraham (AS), which are some of its hallmarks and historical significance.

Dr Bako also emphasises that the period should also be, not only for celebrations and merry making, but also for sober reflections and desire, indeed, efforts to get closer to God Almighty in our actions and utterances by exhibiting the quintessential values of love, peace and good neighbourliness, all of which are encapsulated in the fear of God.

He admonishes that we should also use the occasion to rededicate ourselves to His service by striving to continue to serve humanity irrespective of tribe, creed, political or other leanings.

Dr. Mazadu Dader Bako Media Team

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