Opinion: How did Edo people come to love Governor Obaseki so much? By Pharez Okpere

A lot of people still wonder how Governor Obaseki have amassed so much goodwill amongst Edo people, it is pertinent to note that his popularity did not come on a plater of Gold, He made the right choices, he choose to please the majority of Edo people instead of a few politicians.

From the tens of thousands of State pensioners and their families who no longer die in protest on the streets just to get paid their entitlements.

To the thousands of Bus and taxi drivers who were saved from the daily harassment, intimidation, and molestation from different thugs and Agberos who called themselves state revenue collectors who often used brute force to terrorise bus and taxi drivers in an attempt to collect multiple revenue from them.

To the market women who Governor Obaseki stopped from paying 970 naira daily amounting to approximately 300,000 naira annually to different agberos by introducing a POS technology that made traders to pay 50 naira directly to the state coffers.

Then to the thousands of Edo workers who have been getting their salaries at when due for the last 4 years of Governor Obaseki’s Administration.

To the hundreds of thousands of people in Uromi and Ugboha who have seen portable water delivered to their taps, something they have not seen in the last 40 years.

To the thousands of students in Edo State Owned University Ambrose Alli University who have seen improved infrastructure and no lecturers strike in 4 years.

Then to the hundreds of thousands of property developers who have been saved from the impunity and rascality of Community development Association CDA’s. As they can now develop properties without harassment.

To the thousands of young people who have been employed through EDO JOBS.

To the thousands of Parents who have seen the improvement in their kids from the Edo-BEST innovative teaching programme that have improved basic Education and improved infrastructure in public schools across Edo state.

To the hundreds of thousands of residents in Ugbor- Amagba- Ogheghe- Irirhi- Obazagbon- Ebo- Aruogba, Lucky way, and more than 300 rural and inter City roads constructed by the Administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

To the thousands of local government workers who now get their monthly pay as at when due,.. remember the days when Egor local government workers were owed 27 months of arrears? Those days are history now.

To the thousands of sport lovers who have seen improvement in sports facilities across Edo state.

To the thousands of Uniben Students who have seen 7 of their hostels renovated by the Administration of Governor Godwin, some of the hostels have not been renovated in 30 years.

To the thousands of workers who have benefited from the construction of OSSIOMO Power plant and Edo modular refinery.

I have so much to say as to why Governor Obaseki is popular with Edo People. Governor Obaseki is a visionary leader who have brought development and progress to Edo state and it is only right that he is given an opportunity to continue leading Edo to the path of greater progress.

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