Opinion: Gana: a Freedom Fighter or a Terrorist? By Rikwense Muri

I have read some press statements that are so worrisome as an advocate for peace, equity, justice and sustainable development. I have asked in wonderment, “Why are some people calling the late Terwase Akwaza, aka Gana, a freedom fighter”? What freedom did he bring to his Shitile clan, Katsina Ala LGA, Benue state and middle belt Nigeria? Please let’s stop this nonsense talk. Gana was a terrorist like Osama bin laden, Shekau, and ISIS leaders. No one will support a judicial process for their execution. In fact both Osama and the dreaded ISIS leader were killed extrajudicially and their death weakened their organization. You can’t compare a terrorist organization with religious ideology with political criminal without an ideology. Gana’s death has no consequence whatsoever. Any youth who follows his steps will die the same way.

Gana made crime a lucrative business in middle belt. He married his daughter to Fusky, his trained Gangleader in Takum, Taraba state who was involved in several kidnapping and assassination deal that has terrorized Southern Taraba until his arrest and execution. Gana was the major supplier and partner of Wadume, his nephew in Ibi. Gana was an uncle to Wadume and direct father in-law to Fusky. Many lives have been wasted due to their activities. Gana even confessed to have been hired by some Jihadists to destabilize Taraba and Benue to weakened them economically so as to make it easy for a smooth take over. The video of his confession is on YouTube. How can such a man be termed a freedom fighter, in ba maganan iskanci da shedanci ba?

These criminals can sell anyone for gain by their activities. Because of Gana, nobody contested against the candidate he presented for Member of Benue state House of Assembly from Katsina Ala. The member has been arrested after a stolen Hilux was traced to him. Fusky and Wadume even attempted contesting state House of Assembly elections in Taraba state. Are these the freedom fighters we want to promote and protect? They are only useful to politicians and liabilities to good citizens like me and you reading this with a patriotic mindset.

Just drive through Katsina Ala to Takum and see how this gang has reduced the once thriving zone of Benue and Taraba into a terrorist zone. During the Takum crisis of 1997, I and my family lived in Tor Donga. It was a bubbling town with one of the best market in Shitile area. Buyers come from far and near. Schools, Hospitals, Rice meal and many private businesses were springing up everywhere in Tor Donga, Gbise, Gawa and Harga. Go back there and see for yourself what these “freedom fighters” have caused. All the farmlands on the road are now being taken over by Fulani herdsmen.

Today, Fusky, Gana’s son in-law, is no where to be found, all his cars and property have been siezed by Federal Government. Wadume is in custody with all his known property siezed. No one in Taraba state has called Fusky and Wadume freedom fighters. But Gana their leader who has been declared wanted dead or alive, was welcomed back to the society by Elders and politicians and was on his way to Makurdi to be given a second amnesty by Benue state government when the military caught him, and executed him while his gangleaders are being kept in Custody.

In the war against terror, negotiating with terrorists has never ended terrorism. In Nigeria we all know that when politicians negotiate, they do that to the political advantage and hardly to the benefit of the society. Must deal made by politicians in this country has always put Nigeria at disadvantage with the interest of the Politicians involved protected.

Therefore Let Government stopped negotiating with Bandits and Boko Haram, we know such art won’t end the terrorism in Nigeria. In middlebelt we will not clap for terrorists and call them “freedom fighters” whether Fusky, Wadume or Gana. These criminals have been at the forefront of enslavement of our people. There activities has created enmity among us leading to ethnic tension in the zone. Terrorists cannot negotiate for the peace in our Communities. Only reasonable citizens can be engaged in a fruitful dialogue that will lead to sustainable peace and development in the Benue state

The Army did the right thing, it was because of the activities of Gana and his gang that the Special Force was formed. They cannot watch the politicians and ethnic sympathy jeopardize national security. The psychological trauma the second amnesty of Gana will cause to the citizens would have been worse than Gov Ortom’s shocked over the news of his death. I have no sympathy for Gana and his supporters. Gana must not be given a second amnesty to escape the wrath of the law and continue to enslave our people in the Benue Valley. He lived by sword, was killed by sword. Forgiveness of terrorists is of the Lord, fixing their appointment with God is the responsibility of the govt.

Now responsible citizens will sit and dialogue towards a better future for our people. End of discussion.

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  1. Goung by analogy on non negotiations and amnesty to “repentant” terrorists, I then wonder what business the federal government and the military has in granting amnesty and even rehabilitating the Islamic terrorists groups referred to as Boko Haram & ISWAP?
    I tell you, the military was quick to eliminate Gana because he knows too much about those who are the sponsors of the reign of terror in the middle belt region of the Country. These powerful people are afraid their identities will be exposed. There is nowhere in the world, even in war situation, where a captured, unarmed enemy is killed & such killing is justified. Extra judicial killing must not be justified, especially in a so called democracy, as being professed in Nigeria today.


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