The Phoenix Foundation was borne out of my innate desire to help those in need – CEO Dr. Stacey Abbo

As a reflection of her vision, Dr. Stacey Ishaku Abbo the CEO of Phoenix Foundation appears to be well positioned to further raise the bar of relentless services to humanity in the corporate world of charity.

The young CEO and wife of a Senator (Elisha Ishaku Abbo) who does exceptional humanitarian services in Adamawa State and beyond under the auspices of “Act of Random Kindness (ARK)” is Apparently inspired by an innermost passion to transform communities, change lives, live a mark and bequeath sustainable legacies.

In a media chat with Satisprime Media Group, Dr. Stacey when asked what her underlying motivation was for starting the Phoenix Foundation, she said,

“Right from childhood I have always wanted to “help”. It was never difficult for me to give or to share. I also learnt to be contented very early in life to a point even when I have a lot, I will feel I don’t need it thus I have to give someone who needs it the most. I have my Dad and Mom to thank for instilling that in me.

She further noted with confidence that,

“The Phoenix Foundation was borne out of my innate desire to help those in need. It breaks my heart every time I see people struggling and I know I can help in any little way possible. My motivation comes from my deep empathy for humanity.

The Phoenix Foundation got registered officially by the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC, recently and has been on the frontline of advocating for social justice, promoting quality health and helping the youths define a sense of direction in order to become better citizens. Its services cut across Adamawa State and gradually spreading to other regions.

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