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Dr. Sipak Shase’et commiserates with mupun people over Prof. Dakum Shown’s death


I received with rude shock the demise of my political mentor, a season politician, an erudite scholar, Professor DAKUM GAYUS SHOWN who passed on in far away hospital in India. I received the sad news about your demise as a great lost to the mupun nation, plateau state and the country at large

I wish to heavy heartedly commiserate with the people of Mupun , family and friends of DAKUM SHOWN on this great lost to plateau state, the late DAKUM SHOWN was a dedicated son of mupun land and plateau state who has contributed immensely to the political development of the state.

Indeed the vacuum created by your demise in all spheres of life will be gravely missed by the people of Plateau state and Nigeria at large.

May God give mupun nation, family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable lost.

Sign Dr SIPAK media team

Plateau Youth Council: Kumwen Walshak Musa declares for state PRO

Wednesday 11th March, 2020.


I bring to you the warmest of all regards in the name of the struggle for a better “Plateau Youth Council”.

I find it truly appealing to officially make known my intention to vie for the position of the Public Relations Officer in the forthcoming Plateau Youth Council elections

In the light of the above, I am delighted beyond measure to unveil the movement tagged “Blazing the Trail”

“…..for a balanced and effective communication”.

I therefore wish to call on all Plateau Youths to put their hands on deck as we blaze the trail together for a balanced and effective communication in the next dispensation. I offer myself as a viable and capable instrument in driving the cause.

While seeking your support, please, accept the assurances of my commitment and determination never to fail you. Thank you and God bless!


Phoenix Foundation sets to execute humanitarian services in Numan, Adamawa

Preparations are on-top gear by the leadership of Phoenix Foundation, one of the leading NGOs in Northern Nigeria to carry out a well thought-out and comprehensive humanitarian interventions in some selected communities in Numan, Adamawa state Nigeria. The humanitarian mission is anchored on 3-key priority areas in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are:

Goal 3: Health: The Phoenix Foundation is mobilizing efforts and capacities to deliver healthcare services to vulnerable children, women and the aged in order to combat malaria, tuberculosis and other emerging health challenges as well as teach them the imperatives of personal hygiene to be coordinated by some volunteer health workers.

Goal 16: Peace: Through sports, the Phoenix Foundation would organise friendly matches between different communities in order to galvanize the youths and explore avenues for the advancement of peace and justice in the sacred interest of Numan and Adamawa state in general.

Goal 4: Education: The Phoenix Foundation also intends to use the period to mobilize the youths and other beneficiaries to participate in a mini-seminar where different themes will be explored in far-reaching, compelling and engaging manner so the youths could be well equipped with knowledge and new ideas in order to become better people committed to building the Nigeria and Africa of our dream.

The Editor-in-Chief of Satisprime Reporters engaged the MD/CEO of Phoenix Foundation Pwakangdi Stacey Power in a media chat Tuesday 10th March 2020 and she said she was driven by passion and compassion to give back to society and touch the lives of vulnerable people in positive ways in order to help them overcome the obstacles of life and achieve their dreams in remarkable ways. Stacey Power further noted that her underlying motivation was to build sustainable legacies and make Numan a place full of energy, drive and existing possibilities.

While responding to Satisprime Reporters, the event planner Mr. Ogwuche Christopher said, preparations were on-top gear for a successful and epoch-making program birthed by her excellency Stacey Power. He noted with optimism that the best for Adamawa was yet to come and it would come when the youths come together to promote a just cause.

More details about the program (Duration, Time, Venue and other modalities will be communicated soon for public consumption.)

It is hoped that the event would be a turning point and bear fruits that have the potential to re-write Numan’s history.

For more details and sponsorship, please contact Mr. Christopher Ogwuche on 08063791131

You can as well send your financial support via 0041868914 (Union Bank) Ogwuche Christopher.


Opinion: what you need to know about Niyes soil – By Plangdi Haruna (HarryPiro)

Niyes is a small Community under the Panyam District of Mangu Local
Government. The basic occupation of its citizens is farming (sugarcane).
The favorable climate, edaphic, rich loamy soil (rich in Nitrogen, Calcium, and
Phosphorus ) and topographical condition makes Niyes a suitable region for
Sugarcane farming. Sugarcane belongs to the Poaceae family of true grasses. It
is a tropical and perennial grass which attains a length of 10 to 20 feet.
Since Ancient times Sugarcane farming is been practiced in Niyes by the use
of local farming tools. Sugarcane in Niyes is grown as a Kharif crop. It needs a
humid climate with an average temperature of 21-degree centigrade to 27-degree
centigrade. 75 to 150cm rainfall which makes the region favorable for the
production of sugarcane.
Niyes Sugarcane is produced in both tropical and subtropical regions. There
are three District geographical regions within Niyes that Sugarcane is produced.
these are;

1.KOGUL: Great Agro condition, they use a single budded chips from a healthy
mother cane which gives high percentage germination.

2.NLET: The major of optimal utilization of water becomes a major issue in this
Area but produces sugarcane in large quantities.

3.The black soil belt from Kogul to Npang
Under current cost and pricing, Sugarcane production is profitable and is a No-
other-option business for farmers within Niyes. However, an increase in the cost
of farm input can be detrimental for Sugarcane production in the region since the
farmers get no aids from the government. The Government relaxed the price on
most crops except Sugarcane, The immediate effect was a sudden decline in
Local sugarcane consumption as many farmers switched to other crops such as
maize, potatoes, cocoyam, and local beans. Competition from alternative
importation of Sugarcane outside Plateau State has also declined the value and
price of Niyes sugarcane.
In conclusion, If much support and aids will be given to farmers within Niyes
Community then I assure the high production rate of Sugarcane and other food
crops from the region. Mining is not the only source of income and Revenue to
plateau state, Let’s try Agriculture and see the difference.

Opinion: Nigeria: Progressing or Regressing? – By Longji Friday

Historically, Nigeria like other country evolved along many paths of growth and development, this can be acknowledged in the contributions of few exceptional leaders known as the founding fathers who sacrificially devoted their time in making Nigeria better. With politics, geography, culture, religion, the founding fathers wished that Nigerians live peacefully ,and that yields from the groundnut the groundnut pyramids , tubers of yam, barrels of petroleum and other products are used for the uniform development of the country.
With leadership change over the years, priorities have changed. As the cycle of leadership continue to reshuffle, the changes have led to depleting outcomes. This has reflected in the choices made by the masses and the actions taken by the leadership. Any nation that shortchanges merit for anything else will experience retrogression or fall, Nigeria has the brightest people, yet, we are where we are as a result of such tendencies (Osibanjo,2016)

In 2014, several other Nigerian University graduates had been shortlisted to write the Presidential Special Scholarship (PRESSID) designed exclusively for First Class Nigerian graduates who wanted to pursue both master’s and PhD in any top 25 Universities in the world. Former President Goodluck Jonathan had set the scheme up and the idea was to build a strong team of brilliant Nigerians who will come back to serve the country years later.
There were a little above one thousand of merited individuals who wrote the exam at CHAMS, Abuja. At that time,101 individuals made it through the computers based test.
Sometime in February 2015, the list of 101 successful candidates was shortlisted in the National Dailies.

Fast forward to March 2015, Goodluck lost the elections to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. That was where things started to take a new turn. Shortly after Mr Buhari was sworn in, he had recalled the list and complained that there was no single northerner on it.
He believed it was an agenda of the South. Meritocracy was shortchanged for Federal character and other sentiments. It was first like a joke as the scholarship was worth about $250,000 per person (tuition and living expenses inclusive across 5 years). This was no joke but supposedly to be a revamping in our academia, but poor leadership leash it out
Currently, with the rise of new diseases like Ebola, Lassa fever ,AIDS HIV and corona virus in the world trends, recently Nigeria FGN said that for every one doctor is to ratio of two thousand five hundred and seventy three (2,073) patients to treat, thus putting the creepy and dilapidated state of health sector on the spot light in the face of these global health emergencies.
More worrisome is the relation of scientific research from the academic fora which has also resulted in poor or limited interest from the upcoming generation into science and other forms of relevant discoveries; the imprudence in the country’s leadership is beginning to have a torn on other spheres of the society, including previous functional areas, hence limiting further growth and advancement necessary to catapult a developing nation in the 21st century. hip
Should a nation like Nigeria, with a persistent rise in population and known as giant of Africa remain ignorance of this direction of leadership where its contemporaries are making advancements in science and research?; should a nation with the brightest people settle in muddy waters of leadership where security and good governance remain a challenge, ,where boko haram fighters, bandits and insurgents s are rehabilitated while victims and survivors remain in traumatic conditions

Era of complacency should be ushered out and our literacy end enlightenment should be coopted in relevant spheres of leadership. In a country where leadership strategy and policy making barely impact citizenry, ,where jobs are hijacked by the few individuals in the red and green chamber, where honourable members are celebrated daily as they lobby for their friends and cronies to have lucrative jobs despite not being qualified, the youths and the enlightened few will have to take the lead in salvaging the nation.

Leadership in this 21st century should create a balance that mediocrity or recycled past governors shouldn’t see it as birth right to be elected into red and green chambers respectively but their entries into those house should be a reward for hard work rather than a birth right. What the citizens demand from their leaders is nothing much but to have good lives, enjoy good health, promote quality education, be employable and be incorporated into governance which will create new pattern in building the desired leadership system by default, etc; it will be so dangerous to leave the youth population of a nation behind as trans-generational growth and development will be distorted.
Good leadership remains the only route for meaningful living and corporate existence!!!
in conclusion Rome was not built in a day, hence our strive for good leadership should be sequential and logical, wherein conscious attempts should be made on a daily basis to incorporate and sharpen the positive aspects of leadership into mentorship schemes that which is then copied as a lifestyle; LEADERSHIP AS A LIFESTYLE which summarizes the role of exemplary leadership which forms a generic template for all.
“Leadership in the 21st century has met various interpretations and applications. Some consider leadership as exerting power or authority over followers. Others consider leadership in terms of position or prestige, as such, they clamor for leadership at all cost.
However, leadership transcends power, position and prestige. It is a lifestyle that exerts positive impact and influence on the led (followers). This is the crux of the book Martins Marc succinctly established, that leadership is not about lordship, but about service”.

APC: Yipmong visits constituents, attends APC ward Congress in Gumshar ward


The Deputy Speaker, Plateau State House Of Assembly, Rt Hon. Saleh Yipmong was at Gumsher today for an interactive session with his constituents as part of his continuous commitment to quality representation and open door policies.

The Hon Member joined the constituents in the early hours of today during their ward Congress meeting, gave them limitless time to voice out their mind while he takes note of it.

Dignitaries present at the event were the APC Chairman of Kanam LGA, Hon Nuhu Gyambari, APC chairman Dengi ward, Hon Yakubu Sardauna, Gumsher ward party excos, polling unit chairmen, critical stakeholders and the general public.

The meeting took shape as unit chairmen and three others each from all the units spoke on behalf of their people. They all appreciated the deputy speaker for his doggedness when it comes to representation and the success recorded thus far in the constituency, they appreciate him and charged him to do more saying that there is no much welfare among party members.

Rt Hon Yipmong in his address assures them that the 9th Assembly will be different due to the massive support he is enjoying. He urge them to preach peace and unity among party faithfuls because we don’t have any other party aside APC. He reiterated that APC is one without any difference and so, he will urge them to give maximum support to the party leadership and other elected officials under the ruling party.

Further more, in his quest for involving the people in decision making, he asked them to choose from two project proposed, which is building and equipping a hospital or building a community hall where examination and meetings can be held. He gave them three days to decide and send feedback through their elders. He appreciated them and charged them to give more support to the leadership of Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong so as to benefit more dividend of democracy.

In his closing remark, the Deputy Speaker and Hon Yusuf Gagdi, member representing PKK at national Assembly Abuja gave them a cash donation for refreshment and transportation back to their various homes. The cash sum was shared among youths, women, unit chairmen, ward excos, elders and other APC loyalist.


Opinion: Coronavirus and the possibility of economic crisis in Nigeria – By Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda

The outbreak of the coronavirus has lowered demand for goods and oil because many factories in Asia have shutdown, most cities have been isolated, hotels, restaurants and tourist sites are no go areas in some cities and transportation has been hurt in the process.

The economic fallout could be possibility of recessions in the U.S., China, Japan and other big economies. Bloomberg has reported a total of $2.7 trillion in lost output due to the disease equivalent to 6 times the economy of Nigeria.

Nigerian economy is dependent on oil and the service sectors. China is the biggest oil trading partner of Nigeria and most of the imported goods in Nigeria are from China. These will have far reaching implications for Nigeria :

  1. The 2020 budget was predicated on oil prices benchmark of $57 per barrel but on Friday, the prices plummeted to $45 per barrel ($12 per barrel less which is 21% less in our income from oil). Russia has rejected the proposal by OPEC to cut production to avoid oil glut in the market which may result in less value for oil this year. Implementation of 2020 budget by most states and the Federal Government will be near impossible.
  2. Most of our imported goods are from China. Some of the factories have been shutdown and most business owners are avoiding China. This will slow businesses in our seaports and airports and by implication reduction in taxes and remittances to Government.
  3. The IMF projected that Nigerian GDP will grow by 2.5% in 2020. This implies that there will be supplus wealth and jobs created in equivalent of this figure. Since 1999, the growth of Nigerian economy has always followed the increase in oil prices and not any intelligent input by our system. Anytime there is increase in the international price of crude oil, our economy will just follow the trajectory. Our economy will be hurt negatively by the coronavirus backlashes.

America has responded to the coronavirus by reducing lending rates by 50% to increase borrowing and inject cash into the economy to cushion the effect of the virus.

The UK, the BoE announced that its members would offer support to customers losing money as a result of coronavirus, including increasing overdrafts or offering repayment relief on loans.

Nigeria has made efforts in containment of the disease and Dangote foundation has made cash donation to accelerate the containment of the disease.

The Federal, States and Local Governments must put their thinking caps to contain the economic tsunami that will be induced by coronavirus which is imminent.
Cash crunch awaits us as a nation unless we act recession will welcome us.

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