Opinion: Agency for repentant terrorist: Ravaging the prey and salvaging the predator – by Alfred Elijah


It ruins the calm human in me any other sane human to know that in my nation a terrorist is privileged to enjoy freedom than his many innocent victims. it does not in any way portray an iota of wisdom to free a chronic terrorist back to the society after all the score of lives he has claimed and slain.

It distort my nerves to know that people (Leaders) whom we entrusted our trust on are those birthing a motion that will impoverished the “prey and in turn better-off its predator”. The prey are those victimized by the scourge and menace of insurgents while the predator are those who unleashed and victimized such prey and be freed to move freely in the society without facing any trial in the court of law. It’s more of “Ravaging the prey and Salvaging the predator” Is our system working well? NO.

This abysmal gesture of welfare given by government to these perpetrator of horror will only allure many into the business and venture of terrorism and hence promoting inimical onslaughts as many idle and unemployed youths will be attracted to delve into such terrorism knowing fully they can claim to retreat and repent at any time and still be celebrated, offered good welfare than their victims and be freed to join the society.

It’s so appalling and nauseating the person who sponsored the motion is from the zone whose people continuously suffer such devilish menace of bloodshed. They’re people who are more of preys to such predators, people who are still vulnerable to attacks from all circumstances of their vicinities

Instead, why not hatching a motion that will establish an AGENCY to cater and empower such victims (preys) who are ORPHANED and WIDOWED by this incessant and wanton onslaughts by this daredevils. Over the years many have lose their lives, properties and as well their means of livelihood which I felt it should be of urgent and onerous concern more than any attempt to Hoist any AGENCY that will cater and grant welfare to these evils who put them in such state of pain and penury.

We shouldn’t let the Western world look at us as if we’re those uncivilized African people that still don’t have sane and innovative mind to craft and draft good policies for the well being of our nation. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) should be the ones on the fore concern if any AGENCY should be set up. They deserved it.

It is Economically, Socially, Religiously and Morally imprudent and inhuman to set up any AGENCY that will nurture and care for repentant Terrorists.

Such Motion should be #Scrapped, #Discarded and #Dumped in the refuse bin as it will do more evil than good.

I love Nigeria. Proudly Nigerian.

Written by;

Alfred Elijah

Buhari condems Boko Haram attacks in Garkida Adamawa, sympathizes with victims

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned Boko Haram attack on Garkida, Adamawa State, extending his sympathy to families of victims.

The President assured that no part of Nigeria would be abandoned to their fate.

President Buhari said: “These attacks on soft targets by terrorists are obvious signs of frustration because my administration has significantly weakened Boko Haram’s military capability to invade and hold Nigerian territory unchallenged.

“Our gallant forces deserve our appreciation for repelling the attackers but they must go beyond this point. They have our full support to go after the terrorists and have them pay a huge price. I want to assure the country that terrorists will continue to face the combined power of our military until they give up their mistaken ways.

“These occasional and episodic attacks on poor civilians by terrorists are mere propaganda efforts to portray them as strong in order to fool the public into believing that they haven’t been militarily weakened our gallant troops.’’

President Buhari said since the coming of his administration Boko Haram’s ability to invade and occupy Nigerian territories, let alone be able to hoist their flags had been frustrated.

The President said in the coming weeks Nigerians would witness an aggressive campaign to rout Boko Haram once and for all.

“Security will continue to be well funded despite the competing needs of social services. I appeal to Nigerians to continue to support our troops in their gallant efforts to protect the citizens and secure the country,’’ President Buhari further added.

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media and Publicity)
February 23, 2020

Why presidency should return to the south in 2023 – El-Rufai

As the permutations for the 2023 Presidency begin to dominate political discourse nationwide, Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, has said the Presidency should rightly return to the Southern part of the country.

Although the governor, acclaimed to be a major strategist of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, did not specify which of the southern geopolitical zones should take the Presidency in 2023, he argued that it would be unjustified for the North to seek to retain the Presidency after President Muhammadu Buhari might have completed his eight years.

Elrufai, who headed the APC’s Restructuring Committee, pointed out that although the party’s constitution does not make provision for rotational presidency, like the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, it was a general understanding that the Presidency should rotate between the two political zones of Nigeria for the sake of justice, equity and fair play.

The governor said: “The general political consensus in Nigeria is that the Presidency should rotate between the North and the South. It is not written but everyone understands it.

In some of the parties, like the PDP, it is even written down in their constitution but it was breached in 2015. I think that every politician of honour should understand and abide by that consensus except there is an extenuating circumstance compelling it to be set aside.
What could this be?

“President Yar’Adua died in office and it was compulsory for Jonathan to continue but when 2011 election came, there were many people who insisted that Jonathan should step aside for a northerner to complete the tenure of Yar’Adua but I opposed it because I didn’t think it was proper for an incumbent that got there not by his own design should be stopped from contesting when the constitution has not barred him from running.

In the APC, we deliberately omitted rotational Presidency in our constitution and the emergence of a presidential candidate does not take into account zoning and that was why in 2015, Rochas Okorocha from the East contested, Sam Nda-Isaiah contested, Buhari, Kwankwaso and others contested.

“I can say that as distinct from the PDP, APC has no rotational Presidency but candidates are selected strictly on the basis of political merit and the general acceptability of the candidate.

I want to say that those of us from Northern Nigeria honour agreements. We do not violate unwritten political agreements and I will be the last person to lead in violating that agreement. I may have a personal view but that should be the basis. I don’t care where you come from but I look for merit.

“But as a group, the Northern APC will have to sit down and endorse someone, most likely someone from the South, because after eight years of Buhari, I don’t think the Presidency should remain in the north unless there is some extenuating circumstances. But all things being equal, we will honour our agreement and we keep our words.’’

It will be recalled that some northern leaders have lately begun to canvass for the retention of the Presidency in the region, arguing that the south had done more years than them since President Umaru Yar’Adua died and his vice, Goodluck Jonathan, took over and did another term in place of the north.

Others have even argued that since the PDP jettisoned the well established rotational Presidency, which the party put in place to ensure orderly sharing of power, power sharing between the north and the south should no longer be on agreement but on merit.

Media Aide to Taraba Gov. Faults APC’s call for Gov. Ishaku’s impeachment

The Taraba State government has faulted the call to impeach Governor Darius Ishaku over his absence from the state.

The government said this in a statement on Thursday by the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Media and Publicity, Bala Dan-Abu.

This was in reaction to the claims by some leaders of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) in the state that the governor has committed offences which consequence was to impeach him.

They were said to have condemned his absence in the state, adding that he was incapable to continue as the governor of the state.

But Dan-Abu defended Governor Ishaku, stressing that his stay in Abuja was to seek medical attention due to a domestic injury he sustained.

He cautioned the leadership of the APC in the state against what he described as the campaign of hate and acrimony over the governor’s absence from the state.

The governor’s media aide insisted that his principal has not committed any impeachable offence as alleged by the APC leaders.

According to him, Governor Ishaku is not on vacation or incapacitated to carry out his duties, which are the only bases for him to transmit power to his deputy as enshrined in the Constitution.

Dan-Abu stressed that the absence of the governor from the state has not affected governance, as development projects and all government machinery have progressed.

He, therefore, called on the APC in Taraba to sheath their swords and work towards the development of the state.


60 years Catholic priesthood in Nigeria: Bishop Kaigama pays glowing tribute to Rev. Fr. Hickey

He was Ordained on Friday, 21st February in Rome, 1960.

By October of the same year he was sent to the Prefecture of Maiduguri in Nigeria, where he obediently and zealously spent 28 very fulfilling years. Almost all his 60 years of priesthood have been spent between Maiduguri Diocese, Yola Diocese, Jos Archdiocese and in the Apostolic Nunciature, Abuja.

He loves Nigeria and her people and has served with very great merit at various times as a parish priest, a historian, a researcher, an archivist, an author, but above all, as a humble and dedicated Irish Augustinian priest.

God bless Fr. Hickey abundantly, refresh his spiritual and physical energy and preserve a special room for him in His Kingdom at the end.

The Church in Nigeria and indeed, all of Nigeria thanks Fr. Hickey for his selfless priestly service. May he remain blessed.

In the special Mass offered by Fr. Hickey today in Jos, for himself and for us, we heartily thank God for all Fr. Hickey has received from the Lord in his service here in Nigeria and for all the Lord has used him to do for Nigeria and the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

Archbishop Kaigama.

Sen. Ali Ndume rejects Boko Haram Agency Bill

The Federal Lawmaker from Borno State, who is also the Chairman Senate Committee on Army, Senator Ali Ndume in an interview with Channels Television said he is completely against the bill.

The Boko Haram Bill is aimed at creating a national agency that would see to the rehabilitation, de-radicalisation, and integration of repentant insurgents in the country.

It was listed on the Senate order paper on Thursday for the first reading.

In his reaction, Ndume said further that the bill is out rightly unacceptable and his colleagues know his position on this.

“I personally disagree with that. The war is not over and some criminals that have been killing people you say that you are doing Operation Safe Corridor for them.

“I am completely against that idea. They know my position on that, you can’t do that.

“It is when you win the war and some people surrender that you think about something like that,” Ndume said.

He added that the idea of the bill will only make Boko Haram have more recruits since they are sure of rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

“You are just telling people to go and join Boko Haram and then repent and become something (sic) that’s a totally unacceptable idea and a way of solving the problem.”

The Boko Haram bill was sponsored by Senator Ibrahim Gaidam and it is captioned ‘National Agency for the Education, Rehabilitation, De-radicalisation and Integration of repentant insurgents in Nigeria (Est, etc) Bill, 2020 (SB. 340)’.

Senator Gaidam is representing Yobe East District in the Senate.

He is also the immediate past governor of Yobe, one of the worst-hit states by insurgents in the north-eastern part of the country.

Other states that have suffered attacks the most in the heat of the insurgency, according to reports, are Borno and Adamawa States.

Source: Channels News

Opinion: Plateau PDP must not repeat same historical mistake about the man Hon. Bitrus Kaze

A former member of the House of Representatives, Abuja, Hon. Bitrus Kaze was at the Plateau State PDP Secretariat, Wadata Plaza Jos, to acquire the interest and nomination form in order to run for the Chairmanship seat of the Plateau State People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to news men about his ambition, Kaze, who is famed for his selfless and fervent passion in the fight against the interest of the Plateau Heritage, maintained that his ambition to serve the party is has nothing to do with his personal ambition but for the interest of PLATEAU STATE in the bigger picture.

He said “The dire situation in which the PDP on the Plateau finds itself today, has taken its toll on our collective pursuit about the ideals of what Plateau people require. Therefore, daring measures must be taken to address it.

It is obvious that notwithstanding that the APC is in power on the Plateau, it actually remains the opposition party in the hearts of most Plateau people.”

“If truth must be told, our repeated stumbles from the congresses of 2014 are precisely what catapulted and have sustained the APC in Little Rayfield. I believe very firmly however, that the APC emerged and has survived thus far only on our mistakes. When we get it right this time around and eliminate our mistakes; we would have effectively eliminated APC in Plateau State.

This is exactly what I intend to do. I am determined to provide level playing ground for all party faithful in the State. A level playing ground in Plateau PDP has direct bearing on good governance of Plateau State.”

He added that “In my considered view, nothing will neutralize divisions and acrimony on the one hand and promote cohesion and unity of purpose on the other hand like the prevalence of justice, equity and fairness in the Plateau PDP. Undoubtedly, the wellbeing of the PDP has a direct bearing on the wellbeing of Plateau. The goal of my contest therefore is not just to rejuvenate PDP on the Plateau. The security and wellbeing of Plateau itself is in view. To this end, the 2020 congresses has provided us with yet another Golden an important opportunity to make the most consequential decisions. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Together we must turn a new leaf. I am prepared to provide credibility, accountability and to inject a new lease of life into the PDP on Plateau State. I want to walk my talk.”

Prior to acquiring the form, Kaze has been heralded by youths and elders; especially from the PDP grassroot as the best suited candidate for the Job; as can be obviously seen on the social media where he enjoys a lot of goodwill from the youths across political parties divides on issues partaining to Plateau’s interest.

You will recall that in December 2019, Factualtimesng.com and universalreportersng.com reported that a group under the aegis of Plateau PDP Youths Vanguard came out to publicly drum support for Kaze, describing him as a commited, dedicated goal getter; aloyal party man with excellent track records.

He is therefore, undoubtedly capable of leading the PDP on the Plateau, thereby bringing the much needed and desired change which the party needs if the 2023 elections is anything to go by and effectively actualize the dreams of returning to a government House thought about and built by the PDP in the State.
The group also appealed to party elders, political office holders and other party members to place their collective support for Kaze to become the next chairman after Hon. Dimishi Sango.

Signed by

Youths Earnestly Ask for Bitrus Kaze

Campaign Team


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